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Review article: the gut microbiome in inflammatory bowel disease—avenues for microbial management

Admin Clinical Papers May 29, 2017

Disease remission and relapse are associated with microbial changes in both mucosal and luminal samples. In particular, a loss of species richness in Crohn’s disease has been widely observed. Existing therapeutic approaches broadly fall into 3 categories, namely: accession, reduction or indirect modulation of the microbiome. In terms of microbial…

Microbial influences in inflammatory bowel diseases

Admin Clinical Papers February 1, 2008

Clinical, experimental, and therapeutic studies suggest an important role for microbial agents in Crohn’s disease and pouchitis pathogenesis. Bar-nich and Darfeuille-Michaud described adherent/invasive E. coli (AIEC) that persist within epithelial cells and macrophages and selectively colonize the ileum of Crohn’s disease patients.