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Identification of an Intestinal Microbiota Signature Associated With Severity of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Admin Clinical Papers January 1, 2017

Fecal microbiota showed covariation with mucosal adherent microbiota.We confirmed the robustness of the intestinal microbial signature for severe IBS in the validation set. The signature was able to discriminate between patients with severe symptoms, patients with mild/moderate symptoms, and healthy subjects. By using this intestinal microbiota signature, we found IBS…

Colonic Bacterial Composition in Parkinson’s Disease

Admin Clinical Papers July 16, 2015

Sixty-six sigmoid mucosal biopsies and 65 fecal samples were collected from 38 PD patients and 34 healthy controls. The mucosal and fecal microbial community of PD patients was significantly different than control subjects, with the fecal samples showing more marked differences than the sigmoid mucosa. At the taxonomic level of…

Molecular analysis of the luminal- and mucosal-associated intestinal microbiota in diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome

Admin Clinical Papers July 7, 2011

Molecular fingerprinting of the microbiota from fecal and colonic mucosal samples revealed differences in the contribution of T-RFs to the microbiota between D-IBS patients and healthy controls. Further analysis revealed a significantly lower (1.2-fold) biodiversity of microbes within fecal samples from D-IBS patients than healthy controls (P 0.008). No difference…

Molecular-phylogenetic characterization of microbial community imbalances in human inflammatory bowel diseases

Admin Clinical Papers July 16, 2008

The chronic inflammation characteristic of UC and CD is suggestive of an inability on the part of patients to control basal level inflammation within gut-associated lymphoid tissues. In this study, we have used culture-independent phylogenetic analysis to characterize the GI microbiotas of IBD patients and non-IBD controls. Sequence analysis indicates…