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The pancreatic cancer microbiome promotes oncogenesis by induction of innate and adaptive immune suppression

Admin Clinical Papers March 22, 2018

We found that the cancerous pancreas harbors a markedly more abundant microbiome compared to normal pancreas in both mice and humans, while select bacteria are differentially increased in the tumorous pancreas compared to gut. Ablation of the microbiome protects against pre-invasive and invasive PDA, whereas transfer of bacteria from PDA-bearing…

Microbial influences in inflammatory bowel diseases

Admin Clinical Papers February 1, 2008

Clinical, experimental, and therapeutic studies suggest an important role for microbial agents in Crohn’s disease and pouchitis pathogenesis. Bar-nich and Darfeuille-Michaud described adherent/invasive E. coli (AIEC) that persist within epithelial cells and macrophages and selectively colonize the ileum of Crohn’s disease patients.