About Our Donor Program

AMILI houses the world’s largest multi-ethnic Asia gut microbiota database, along with Southeast Asia’s first and only faecal microbiota transplant (FMT) bank. This necessitates a constant input of new stool samples to further expand our microbiota database, along with replenishing our FMT bank.

As such, we need your stool samples to advance microbiome research and save lives.

Microbiome Donor Program

Fill in the Microbiome Donor Program survey.

Individuals collect and send their stool sample. (with the kit provided by AMILI)

Individuals complete a second set of questionnaires sent to them.

Stool samples will be used for life-saving microbiome research.

FMT Donor Program

Fill in the Microbiome Donor Program survey.

Consider potential applicants who meet our basic requirements are invited to a clinician interview.

Applicants undergo a clinician interview and a comprehensive panel of blood and stool tests.

Successful applicants may become FMT donors.

Frequent Asked Questions

We have two stool-collection programs- the Microbiome Donor Program and the FMT Donor Program.

The Microbiome Donor Program is open to everyone above the age of 21- there are no health or lifestyle requirements. All you need to do is to make a one-time donation of your stool sample to us, along with completing a series of simple questionnaires. For the microbiome donor program, your stool will be used to further cutting-edge Southeast Asian microbiome research.

The FMT Donor Program is only open to individuals that meet a stringent set of health and lifestyle requirements. This program operates on an invite only basis – individuals that meet a certain set of criteria upon completing the initial AMILI microbiome donor program survey may be invited to complete further tests to determine their eligibility as FMT donors. For the FMT donor program, your stool will be used for life-saving treatments on patients suffering from C. diff infections and other diseases.

To qualify as a FMT donor requires individuals to meet certain physical health criteria. As we prioritise the welfare of our stakeholders, we adhere to the strictest standards available when screening for potential donors and do find that some applicants may not be suitable for the FMT donor program. This is not a reflection of an applicant’s health, but rather the stringent requirements to be a donor as it may be harmful to the recipients if you donate when you are not eligible.

Upon completion of the microbiome donor program, we provide a small gratuity for your time. For the FMT donor program, we provide compensation upon successful completion of a donation cycle.

We do not provide gut microbiome reports for both programs. If you are interested in understanding the state of your gut microbiome, please refer to the Gut Microbiome Testing page.