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Your guide to all things to do with the microbiome, from what it is, to why it’s important for your health, to how to look after it!


What is the gut microbiome? What does it do? More importantly, why should we care about it? Read on to find out just how much work the little bugs in our intestines do!


Our dietetics advisor, Bibi Chia, gives us the scoop on five foods that are both delicious and great for your gut.

Send kelp! This unlikely hero packs a powerful punch of nutrients and has some unexpected benefits for your gut microbiome too. 

What exactly are pre- and probiotics? Why do we need them? How can we make sure we maximise their health benefits to us (and our guts)? We’ve got the details right here!


Dr Chong is AMILI’s Data Science lead advisor, helping us translate gut microbiome data into meaningful insights. But what exactly is bioinformatics? Why is it so important to microbiome analysis? 

Check out what Dr Chong has to say!

As part of our mission to advance human health through microbiome science, AMILI set up Singapore’s first stool bank.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how we set it up, and why having a stool bank is so important.


How does the gut microbiome influence conditions like Inflammatory Bowel Disease? Why is the microbiome so important to our health? Can our microbiomes be changed? 

We speak with our scientific advisor, Gastroenterology Professor Michael Kamm to get the scoop – read on!


What effect does smoking have on your gut microbiome? Are the two even related? Check out what the science has to say.